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Session Ideas

This page lists various ideas for sessions. Instead of the regular beer + chat kind of concept it's nice to spice things up every once in a while.

  • Presentations (longer, more in-depth). Theme per session? It's probably wise to avoid the university lecture format (talk for two hours, ask for questions, hit the road) and stick to something more casual (conversational style)
  • Lighting talks (5-10 mins per talk). The idea of these is to present some idea/project in a fast, concise way. This will allow some kind of cross-pollination of ideas and perhaps help to create some new, cool things.
  • Book review session? It might be cool to pick up some books and base discussion on those. There are plenty of nice books around.
  • Pool/mölkky/<insert sport here> session. It might be cool to set up a little tournament.